Debarked poles

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Debarked poles can be supplied fresh, untreated, kiln dried, pressure impregnated according to European and Scandinavian standards (NTR A, NTR AB) Debarked poles are widely used in fences, horse farms and agriculture purposes (vineyards, plants). For production we use only fresh material of pine and spruce wood. For logistics there are  possibility to transport poles by land or sea. As per one truck / containers it could be loaded 30 cbm of poles.

For impregnation we use chemicals: Tanalite E, Osmose, Wolmalite, Creasote.


D, см Length, см Packaging
5-7 100-400 150
6-8 100-400 130
7-9 100-400 110
8-10 100-400 45
10-12 100-400 32



Biological factors


Contact with the ground or with fresh water.

Fungal organisms


Contact with the Sea water.

Marine organisms


Outdoors without land and water contact

Fungal, marine organisms


Contact with land, water and concrete

Fungal organisms



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